Guards & Patrol 

For more than half a century, American Security & Investigations has provided uniformed security officers to protect critical facilities for satisfied customers spanning all industries and facility types. Our years of experience provides our customers an advantage with a security solution designed to meet their specific facility needs based on a comprehensive understanding of their total environment.

No other company has a stronger commitment to reinvesting in its infrastructure. We are security professionals who are firmly committed to providing our clients with the best Uniformed Security Guard and Mobile Patrol services available in the industry.

Special Services
Whether you need an officer for as little as four hours, or you need around the clock services for extended period of time, American Security & Investigations has the resources to provide you with the best workforce in the security industry. Our security officers are available to provide security services for a wide range of needs including:
  • Corporate special events
  • Strike or labor disputes
  • Job process mon itoring
  • Construction site security
  • Trade show exhibition security
  • Facil ity fire watch services
  • Equipment/machinery security
  • Other events that require the presence of a uniformed security officer
Emergency Preparedness/Initial Response/Crisis Response
Whether the emergency is created by man or nature, American Security and its officers become an important link in the response and recovery process. Our Emergency Preparedness Managers and training module are intended to help our customers in identifying roles and planning emergency responses. Our team designs plans in the elements that are common in dealing with emergency situations as well as the very unique elements that can be encountered in differing types of emergencies. After the preservation of life and assets, business continuity is the ultimate goal in preparedness planning.

Examples of the types of additional emergency management training available:
  • IS00100 Introduction to the Incident Command System
  • IS00200 ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
  • IS00700 National Incident Management System (NIMS) - An Int roduction
  • IS00800.A National Response Plan (NRP) - An In troduction
  • ICS300-OS Intermediate Incident Command System for Expanding Incidents
  • S TA-MSC Soft T argets Awareness - Malls & Shopping Centers
  • G801 MNIMS Minnesota National Incident Management System
  • STA-POW Soft Targets Awareness - Places of Worship
  • G250.1 Continuity of Operations
  • STA-HHLF Soft Targets Awareness - Hospitals, Hotels, Large Facilities
  • G130 Exercise Evaluation
  • G288 Donations Management
  • IEMC:NRF Integrated Emergency Management - NRF
  • ICS300 Intermediate Incident Command System
  • G290C Basic Public Information Officer
  • STA-SA Soft Targets Awareness - Stadiums & Arenas

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