American Security & Investigations provides a variety of investigative service s to meet the needs of our customers. We provide services in the following areas:

Asset Investigation
Asset Search may include a request for bank account numbers, brokerage and mutual fund information, real property, bankruptcies, liens and judgments. In order to conduct this type of search, you must provide American Security & Investigations with a social security number or Tax I.D. number.

Credit History Research and Investigation
Consumer Credit Reports provide a seven-year history of an individual's credit history. American Security & Investigations requires a consent and authorization by the subject and must accompany the request for a credit report in order to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Criminal Records Investigations
American Security & Investigations conducts thorough and comprehensive investigations to include a complete search through the subject's residential and employment county history. We recommend obtaining such information from the past seven to ten years. This investigation includes Municipal and Court searches including any misdemeanor and/or felony records.

Driving Record Investigative Search
Driving records are available nationwide through American Security & Investigations. A license number or name and date of birth are required in order to conduct this search.

General Investigations & Due Diligence
American Security & Investigations ability is well known by our clients. We have been successful in all of the areas we provide services. We have the capability of providing electronic de-bugging to both business and individuals. Many employers are realizing the importance of pre-employment background investigations and are utilizing American Security & Investigations to assist them w ith this responsibility. Pre and Post-employment background investigations may include a criminal screening, DMV record researc h and a social security trace. Each search is thorough and conducted in a highly confidential manner, so you are assured that your information is accurate and current.

Personal Protection
Personal protection is about guarding people from criminals and others who would choose to do them harm. American Security & Investigations can provide a comprehensive package that includes threat assessment and planning, with teams deploying to protect people from high-risk threats, sporting events, riots, book signings, company annual general meetings and shopping expeditions by individuals and their families.

Social Security Investigative Trace
A Social Security Number Trace reveals a subject's previous addresses as reported from the individual. This search also verifies that the social security matches the individual who is claiming the particular number.

Workplace Violence
It is very common for individuals to think that such a tragic incident will never happen to them. Unfortunately, workplace violence incidents are prevalent today among all types of occupations and employment levels. American Security & Investigations has responded to this demand for specialized securi ty protection by providi ng our clients with the necessary physical protection they need to deter and ensure their companies and employees safety.

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