Mission, Values, Safety First

Our Core Values

Safety 1st
American Security is dedicated to ensuring that our clients and our associates are provided a safe, secure and healthy work environment. This is what we do.

We will follow our Safety 1st process to increase safety awareness, eliminate unsafe acts and conditions and maintain a constant Safety 1st attitude in order to create an environment where zero accidents and zero injuries is the norm.

Always striving toward excellence. Excellence that reflects positively on us as individuals, our team, our company, our clients and our profession.

Achieving this through high visibility, educated decisions under the codified body of knowledge, continuous training, adaptability to change and ethical conduct.

We are obligated to maintain Eternal Vigilance.

To accomplish this we will observe, report, document and act upon anything that falls within the scope of our assigned duties and training. We can and will manage any situation through training, education and experience to insure the safety and security of our Team, Clients and Costumers.

Our Mission
Our Mission is to provide services that fully satisfy customer needs while offering excellent value and responsive service, e nabling growth and financial soundness through a safe, secure and healthy work environment.

To accomplish this mission, we believe:

Through our safety 1st environment, customer satisfaction is our first responsibility. To provide value to the customers we serve, we are committed to quality, vigilance and integrity in everything we do.

As business associates, we treat each other fairly, with trust and respect in a professional environment that fosters safe work practices, involvement, open communication and teamwork.

Rewards will reflect contribution to the enterprise. We must continually promote safety, adapt and renew our business, reward innovation, and encourage change.

Excellence Throughout, By Commitment From Within.

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