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Our web-based WorkSite portal is simple by design to assist building managers just like you manage the day-to-day activities on your property. WorkSite tools are effective because they allow team members to work together by sharing information over the web. No more emails, no more piles of faxes - your WorkSite keeps everyone informed about what needs to be done and who needs to do it.

The tools have been developed in close cooperation with building managers to concentrate on the 20% that will produce 80% of the results, and provide it simply and intuitively.

  • No hardware investment
  • Powerful tools, simple to use
  • Continuous improvements implemented
  • Expanded tools available in bundles - you choose
  • Excellent customer support by real people for real people
  • The only solution you need for all your organizational challenges

Imagine watching every request and scheduled work order for your facility come and go as your team receives, completes, and closes each one. With Auto-Assign and Notification Features, you can rest assured that your team won't miss a thing. Best of all you can easily monitor activity to ensure that your building occupants are being serviced at the level they deserve.

  • Easily watch all activity
  • Monitor overall performance
  • Identify urgent r equests for quick response
  • Create new requests and assign to appropriate staff
  • View history of completed requests at the click of a mouse
  • Sit back and watch your entire team function at peak performance!

American Security & Investigations' WorkSite portal allows administrative users to query on any database field to produce the reports that mean the most to you. The reporting engine can produce data on any/all incident reports, stacked against time, users, locations, status, etc. The reports produced can be either viewed online or exported to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for further analysis.

WorkSite - How simple can you get? Multiple tools all in one place accessible anywhere, anytime via the Internet.

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